Dear Friend, please know that we care about you and deeply desire God’s best for you. Jesus came so that you might have abundant life and He has a very personalized plan for your future. He can redeem every single thing you’ve suffered, endured, or done. Nothing is beyond God’s healing grasp.

Prayer is a way of life, a way to move through life with peace in our hearts. Prayer is a tool which we use to build our awareness of God within and to bring ourselves closer to God. And it is this awareness of God's presence that keeps us poised and centered in times of challenge.

You may remain anonymous.  If you would like one of our elders to pray with you, please send your request using the contact tool on the right.

To protect the privacy of those requesting prayer, each request maybe edited before it is made public on this web page. The request is edited to remove any information that would identify the person needing prayer.

Any details you include in your Prayer Request may be made public unless you specifically request that it be kept private.

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List of Requested Prayers for Sickness

Christine Dryden (heart and other issues), Mike Hinton (meningitis), Mildred Rozier (back surgery complications), Gordon Lee (unknown and back problems), Pauline Lee (kidney stone & back issues), Carolyn Anderson (several health issues), Ernest Hughs (lung problems), Mark Brown (mass on kidney, having surgery soon), Mary Ellen Wilkinson (possible heart problems), Edison Whitley (Kidney Surgery June 12th), Elizabeth Cason Peacock, (problems after knee surgery), Jana Helms (pregnancy complications), Jana Murphy (pregnancy complications), Julian Willis, Laney King (collapsed lung), Lori James (flesh eating bacteria), Britni & Kevin Bass (pregnancy complications), Dewayne Johnson (mental health), Ardle Lightsey (Alzheimer), Judy Conner (very low, on dialysis, waiting for kidney transplant), Darlene Lightsey (osteoarthritis)

List of Requested Prayers for Cancer Patients

Sister Virginia Howard, Roy Crews (of Braganza), Nancy Brantley (leukemia), Amelia Dasher (4 years old with a cancer on her eye), Becky Sosa (lymphoma cancer), Vicky Carver (lung cancer & aneurysms & heart attack)

List of Requested Prayers for Bereaved Families

Joseph "Jody" Lake family

List of Requested Prayers for Accident Injuries

Jacee Beth Thomas (vehicle/train accident)