2019 Southeast Georgia Fellowship meeting held at Big Creek PBC

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday AM 1st Sermon- Elder Clayton Nowell

What if you could only preach one theme?

Friday AM 2nd Sermon- Elder Marty Smith

Master, don't you care that I'm sacred and dying

Lord, don't you care that alone and trying

Friday AM 3rd Sermon- Elder Jeff Winfrey
From Vani-vextion to Resurrection

Friday PM 1st Sermon- Elder Daniel Strickland

Brethren Getting Together

Friday PM 2nd Sermon- Elder Steve McNure
Loving one Another
Friday PM 3rd Sermon- Elder Paul Evans
Ministry of Reconciliation

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday AM 1st Sermon Elder Jeff Winfrey
Purpose of Heart and Handfuls of Purpose
Saturday AM 2nd Sermon Elder John Burkett
The Dawning of the Day of Eternity
Saturday AM 3rd Sermon Elder Brad Hansard
Being of the Same Mind in Christ
Saturday PM 1st Sermon Elder Charles Godwin
The Sufficiency of Christ
Saturday PM 2nd Sermon Elder Lamar Burkett
Fearing and Doubting
Saturday PM 3rd Sermon Elder Marty Smith
Moses and Elias, Where did the end up?